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PO Box 23778,
Windhoek, Namibia
tel: +264-61-220-117
fax: +264-61-232-293

CRIAA SA-DC is a membership-based NGO that supports rural communities, particularly the poorest members of society, to benefit from sustainably produced indigenous natural products and smallholder crops.

As a non-profit organisation, CRIAA SA-DC incubates and builds capacity to enable local communities to control and take responsibility for their own ventures. It believes in cooperating at all levels with government and other stakeholders, sharing knowledge and supporting networks and partnerships.

Its broad range of skills and expertise allows CRIAA SA-DC to work throughout the value chain, from identifying opportunities and markets, through developing post-harvest technologies and diversifying products, to securing sustainability, fair trade and organic accreditation. The focus is on developing smart commercial partnerships and sustainable economic ventures based on natural resources.

CRIAA SA-DC also seeks to address the profound challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, particularly by developing and piloting innovative and participatory approaches to give a voice to those living on the frontline of the HIV/AIDS. It aims to embark on programmes which promote livelihood goals and improve the living standards and self-esteem of people living with and communities affected by HIV/AIDS. CRIAA SA-DC will play a significant role in mainstreaming the development of skills which address the socio-economic challenges faced by these individuals and communities.

In the course of its work, CRIAA SA-DC has gained extensive experience in institutional capacity-building with community organisations, farming systems and livelihoods analyses, designing and manufacturing appropriate technologies, conducting media and awareness campaigns, and development project design, management, and monitoring and evaluation.

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